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APS is symbol of the 'New-Gen' schooling. The academic systems followed here is innovative and the learning process is an enlightening one, which is relevant to the challenges of the future. We adopt a unique teaching plan in lower classes that has been designed keeping in view the globalized education system.
To enhance the academic standards of our institution, we have Academic Council, comprising of highly dedicated educationalist, intellectuals. Founder, Principals and School Director. They chalk out the plan for the year, devise teaching plans, strategies and evaluation system. Regular interaction of our teachers with the council keeps them appraised of the interactive and value based education that our students deserve.
APS teachers are highly trained and certified. More importantly, they just love to teach. This affection is reflected in the warm and caring way they help your child develop a love of learning. Our teachers use a method of instruction called mastery learning. Our teachers use some advanced and latest facilities like OHP and other multimedia facilities in classrooms and present their self-created and in-house developed lessons and projects effectively.


At the Sub-Junior & Junior level, this year we have focused totally on the development of language skills. Special emphasis has been laid on spellings, reading & writing skills & communicative approach of teaching grammar. Students are also being assessed for the above said skills.

» Communication skills


APS follows an innovative academic system that is relevant to the contemporary society and one that is ready to accept the challenges of the future. APS provide platform for students to explore the treasure of knowledge through investigating, experimenting and self assessment.

» Special focus on Maths and Science

APS recognizes the importance of Math's and Science in secondary level. APS accommodates Maths work sessions & Maths model making work shops in regular schedule. On hand experience in science experiments is must in the curriculum.

» Gifted And Talented Education (Gate) Programme

The GATE programme is organized to provide an intellectually challenging and developmentally appropriate instructional exercise for all students.
The GATE assessment process involves testing that focuses on intellectual ability. Formal identification begins after 2st Unit test. Children are prepared to face the State and National level Talent search examinations like Unified Council, Cyber Olympiad, Science Olympiad, Maths Olympiad etc. Classes IV to X children will be prepared in Maths, Science & G.K by the concerned subject teachers.

» IIT Orientation Programme

This programme helps to build a strong foundation for our students right from the school level and makes them better equipped to reach their goals. This programme is designed for classes VIII, IX and X. Selection is based on the admission test results. Classes will be conducted for IIT programme after school hours as per given schedule

» Supervised Study Hours

APS recognizes its responsibility to work hand in hand with parents and relevant social agents to meet the social and academic needs of students, therefore it provides for supervised study hours wherein students can stay back after school hours and learn their respective subjects under the supervision of trained tutors and with the guidance of the respective subject teachers.
As soon as it is identified that a child's performance is lagging in any subject, the parent is informed and the same teacher, teaches again to build confidence in the child on that particular subject. These classes are conducted from 4.00pm to 6.00pm everyday for all the classes in the senior wing and 2.45 pm to 3.45pm in junior wing.