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Hostel - Facilities

» Facilities provided to students

  1. Cot, table, chair, wardrobe.
  2. 24 hours water.
  3. ntal care(regular visit of Cobbler, Hair Dresser & Washerman available on payment).
  4. Homely Food.
  5. Stationery Shop, and
  6. Tailor Shop.

» Mode of Payment (Hostel Fee)

  1. Hostel fee shall be payable in Two Instalments.
  2. First instalment will be of Rs. 15,000/- which will not be refunded in any case or an any ground.
  3. Remaining amount must be paid compulsorily between the months, August & September.
  4. In case of failure of payment of hostel fees as per the schedule Rs. 500/- will be Charged for delay.
  5. If the students leaves the hostel after three months of stay, the total money for the entire session shall be realized.

» Food

Pure vegetarian, Tasty and Nutrition Food (Roti, Rice, Dal , Vegetable, Salad, Good etc.) provided to the students. Once in a week there is arrangement of special food also.

» Hostel Rules for Students

  1. Students will study in own rooms / hall. Combined study will not be permitted.
  2. Students will sleep in their own allotted rooms / beds only.
  3. Students of classes IX - XII shall be forced to wake-up at 05:00 AM & be ready to study latest by 05:00 AM after bathe & will go to bed sleep by 10.00 PM. But the students of classes IX - XII can study maximum up to mid night and not beyond.
  4. Students should also avoid to use things / garments of others.
  5. Students are not allowed to borrow money from anyone. Balance amount must be deposited with warden account which they can take back, time to time when it is needed.
  6. Students are not permitted to keep more than Rs. 100/- with them at a time.
  7. Details of phone calls must be mentioned in the particular register by the students. Phone calls will be entertained only on Sunday Morning.
  8. Washerman will be available in the evening in the hostel very often.
  9. Students will be escorted by the warden for marketing twice in a month.
  10. Students will lock their rooms before they leave.
  11. Student will not be permitted to leave the campus without permission.
  12. Students must switch off the electrical fixtures when ever it is not required.
  13. Students are responsible for the cleanliness of their own rooms. To ensure cleanliness, they should keep their shoes out the room at proper place.
  14. In case of any loss or damage of the hostel belongings, the cost will be realized through general fine.
  15. Students may contact the Principle / Warden for any problem without any hesitations.
  16. No breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / tea will be served before or after the scheduled time.
  17. No local calls will be entertained.
  18. All the initial things required for daily use can be had from the hostel warden. Amount of such purchases will be realized at the end of the month.
  19. There will be adequate arrangement for guidance in all the subjects during teaching hours in the school for the classes XI to XII. However if, Students want to have additional guidance, permission should be granted for the same.
  20. Students are advised not to keep Scooters / Motors for tuition purpose. They Should prefer to go bi-cycles or Autos.