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We are living in the Electronic age. Various electronic items have become an integral part of our day-to-day life. Whereas items like the TV are mainly used for entertainment, the computer has become a close companion of man at his work place. Few jobs, perhaps, are there where the computer cannot help us. So virtually, our age is the Age of computers .It is imperative; therefore, that the young children should be well acquainted with computers and their use in common activities of daily life.The computer Lab. is equipped with Pentium and most of the education would thus be done through Computers in keeping with the changing times.


The Library is extremely well resources and is catalogued and managed by a trained, professional librarian. It contains reference books and resources selected by each subject teacher to enhance understanding of their subject. Materials related to CBSE examinations are also located in the library so that students can access syllabuses and past papers.
In addition, we subscribe to a wide range of periodicals and magazines which provide both intellectual stimulation and relaxation. Our library also has a varied range of fiction in English and Hindi. These books cater to all age groups and reading levels and the Librarian guides students to books which might be best suited to their abilities and interests.
Students on every year group are given one time tabled lesson in the library each week for self-study and research. In addition the library is open every afternoon as a place for personal study or leisurely reading. This means that, for a number of students, the library has become the focus for their progress and development.
Our resources in the library are constantly reviewed and revised so that students have access to the very latest books and materials.


APS offers a complete package with integrated campus where coaching, school & hostel are at the same place, with complete safety and security, discipline and sincerity.
Thoroughly worked out break up of syllabus and test plan will ensure that no topic remains difficult for any student.

» STATIONERY & BOOKS SHOP (for Primary Class)

All Schools books, exercise & other necessary stationery goods can be purchased from the school bookshop which remains open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.


We have laboratories for each Science subject as well as for Mathematics and English Language. These are fully equipped with the most modern equipment to allow students to develop their skills in practical science and to learn scientific theories through their own experimentation. These laboratories come into their own in the period leading up to Board Examinations but staffs are encouraged to use them as a regular part of their lessons. Our aim is to ensure that students see Science or Maths not just as applying a theory but as a subject where they can derive theories themselves by experimentation.


Games and sports are organized under the supervision of teachers .The following outdoor games namely Hockey, Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball and Indoor games like Table Tennis, Caroms, Badminton & Chess are s special attraction to the children of the school.


Speech ,Drama, Music and Dance helps our children to leave the art of public speaking in a orderly ,gentlemanly argumentation fashion, and allows our children to leave behind the hindering barriers to face the large audience , this not only helps them to grow but also brings out the hidden talents of singing in one accord with harmony ,and the graceful performances of rhythmic body moments through dance.


School gives lots of opportunities for self expression and advancement of the cultural heritage, on Saturdays there are special programs like dramatics, dance, music & crafts every child gets the opportunity to participate.


Merit scholarship shall be facilitated for talented students.


School bus service is available on all important routes in BHILAI & DURG. Bus facility once taken can't be discontinued in the middle of session. Line wise in the mid session Bus facility can't be granted.


Separate and distinct HOSTELS for girls and boys. Single, 2 & 3 Students rooms. and Hygienic food and medical supervision & canteen facility & a rich library inside hostel.


The entire strength of the school is divided into four houses with a senior teacher as House warden. All the houses area actively in inter house Cultural / Extra Curricular & Literary activities to develop aptitude to face competition. Each house remains on duty for a fortnight and looks after morning assembly, discipline, wall magazines, news, current information and cleanliness of the school campus. A running trophy is awarded to the best house at the end of the session.


We know that the health of our students is of paramount importance and medical care is given a high priority in the school. The school has a well-equipped medical center staffed by two trained nurses. In addition, a doctor visits the school twice a week.
In cases of emergency or concern students can be taken to the local doctor or hospital in school transport. Equally, students who need to visit specialists or dentists, opticians and others will have their visits arranged and co-ordinated through the school.
In our approach to health we aim to achieve the very highest of standards. Clear medical records are kept for each student. Teachers ensure that students requiring medical attention receive it and all medications given are recorded and checked. We also ensure that parents are kept fully informed regarding a student's health not only in the case of major concerns but also in case of minor ailments.