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Why APS ??

Amresh Sharma Public School offers a complete package with integrated campus where coaching, school & hostel are at the same place, with complete safety and security, discipline and sincerity. This saves travel time, energy and saves student from distraction towards unproductive things and they can utilise their time in studies.

» One Campus

Coaching, school and hostel are all located at the same place. This saves travel time and saves student from distraction towards unproductive things.

» Test Series

Our test series is scientifically designed that ensures that all topics are covered in tests atleast two times and if a topic remains weak, student gets a chance to strengthen it in the next test.

» Recreation

Several cultural programs, student activity zone and canteen are some stress busters because we believe 'all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

» Daily Practice Sheets

Just after the lectures, students will be given daily practice sheets that cover the topics discussed in the lectures. This ensures thorough understanding and identification of weak points.

» Faculty Access

Our faculty will be accessible to students time to time apart from the regular clanbsses in order to remove the doubts of students and to encourage them and to boost their moral and to provide them a homely and friendly environment.

» IIT Orientation Programme

This programme helps to build a strong foundation for our students right from the school level and makes them better equipped to reach their goals.