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Founder's Message

founder Dear Students / Parents,

Throughout my life, I have been deeply influenced by the values and cultural heritage of India. With the disappearance of the joint family system and adoption of nuclear family system by modern Indian Society, the role of schools has become all the more important. Schools, by one consideration have become almost islands where a child can be introduced to something practical, something sublime and something spiritual making her queer of something beyond her self. The APS is a culmination of my vision to merge the finest in Indian educational practices.

I selected this beautiful and serene campus setting, free from the pressures of urban's life, in order to develop in the boys and girls a sense of self-assurance and self-reliance. We in APS comprehensive ness of the required effort to impart appropriate education we would not be able to handle the complicated challenge of running the institution not as a factory sending out rubber - stamped produces but as a place that nurses a sense of excellence in the child and help and her/him grow and grow up with it

Swami Vivekananda said " Education is manifestation of perfection which is already within the individual".

Education should be all encompassing. Respect for people and culture is at the heart of the School's belief in equal opportunity. There is no discrimination whatsoever on the basis of religion, community, race, ethnicity or gender. I hope that the School will provide happiness and fulfillment for generations of young people.